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High precision volumetric pump technology

Focus on improving research outcomes

Our research and innovation program focuses on providing the next generation intelligent medical devices to improve research and animals treatments.

ithetis, brings an important alternative in the design of research protocols, allows for new ways to conduct research and ultimately improves research outcomes.

  • On the importance of labor costs in preclinical research
    “In most organizations, according to the 1999 ARS and the CIC Study, personnel costs constitute about 50-65% of the total operational costs of the animal care”. Strategies That Influence Cost Containment in Animal Research Facilities, Committee on Cost of and Payment for Animal Research, Institute for Laboratory Animal Research, National Research Council 2000, ISBN: 978-0-309-07261-8

ithetis current use

Preclinical research:

  • Modulating arterial pressure with angiotensin administration
  • Intracranial release of gamma-secretase inhibitors in Alzheimer study

ithetis is the world’s most advanced wirelessly controlled Implantable Drug Delivery Device. ithetis is developed to serve all preclinical and veterinary applications, where implantable micro pumps bring improved performance and treatments.