the most versatile Implantable Drug Delivery Device in the World


Miniaturized Drug Delivery Device

ithetis combines unrivalled size, wireless programming and control and extensive practical features for uses in preclinical research.

ithetis_container.pngLarge and refillable reservoir

icon_bidirectional.pngBidirectional communication

ithetis_profile.pngVersatile drug dosing profile

ithetis_precision.pngHigh precision volumetric pump

Key features

  • High precision volumetric pump technology
  • Most versatile drug dosing profile
    The only pump in the world that can deliver:
    • Continuous drug release
    • Periodic drug infusion
    • Boluses at prescribed times
    • Combination of the above
  • ithetis wireless technology
    • Two ways (bidirectional) communication with a large number of implanted devices
    • On the fly programming of the implants even during the animal experiment
    • Wireless control of the pump performance
  • Large and refillable reservoir
    (refillable while implanted)

Technical Specifications


  • 5,2 grams
  • 3,7 ml total volume (empty)
  • 1 ml reservoir (refillable)
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) 42 x 16 x 7/11 mm

Flow rate

  • Continuous flow from 0 (zero) to 100 μL/hr
  • Possibility to perform bolus administration independently from pre-programming


  • Battery life: 8 months at 1 μL/hr
  • Total deliverable volume up to 2 ml
    with multi-refill possibility

Technology and precision

  • Volumetric technology
  • < ± 5 % error on volume delivered


  • Fully programmable and reprogrammable on the fly
  • Telemetry module compliant with EU & US radio regulations


  • Fully biocompatible, long-term implantable encapsulation


ithetis flow cycle
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ithetis is the world’s most advanced wirelessly controlled Implantable Drug Delivery Device. ithetis is developed to serve all preclinical and veterinary applications, where implantable micro pumps bring improved performance and treatments.