the most versatile Implantable Drug Delivery Device in the World

Versatile usage

For advanced research


  • ithetis is intended to serve the basic preclinical research market and to be used as drug delivery vehicle for studies in small animals (mice, rats, rabbits) or other lab animals
  • ithetis is wirelessly-controlled allowing full control of pump drug delivery profile and pump performance during the entire animal experiment
  • ithetis is ideal for animal experiments where human intervention (i.e., injection) must be minimized (behavioral studies, etc.)

icon_247.pngAutonomous 24/7 controlled device 

icon_costs.pngHelp to reduce research costs

icon_drops.pngUltra precise and versatile dosing

icon_reproducible.pngEnsure reproducible results

Using ithetis - Benefits

  • Round the clock programmed delivery of test material
  • Ultra precise versatile administration of test material/drug
  • Refined preclinical study protocols
  • Convenient method for chronic dosing to laboratory animals
  • Ensure reproducible precise results
  • Eliminate nighttime and week-end dosing
  • Eliminate stress and reduce to minimum handling of laboratory animals
  • Small size enables use even in mice
  • Catheter allows targeted placement even in sensitive areas (brain)
  • Reduce research costs

ithetis Highlights

Improve protocols

Current research studies have probably been limited by the constraints of available drug delivery methodologies. ithetis offers news ways to design research protocols. Ithetis’ versatile capabilities enable researchers to decide precisely when, how much and at what point a dose of an agent should be given. The opportunity to mix continuous dosing and bolus over a period of time is key to opening new research paths and design research protocols, which would have been impossible to perform in the past.



Example of protocol with two different agents
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Reduces error

Programmed drug release allows for automated dosing at high precision rate.

Reduces stress

ithetis is implantable, thus researchers do not need to have physical contact with the animal. Dosing and checking is performed telemetrically.

Reduce cost

With its autonomous 24/7 controlled delivery system, ithetis helps reducing research handling costs and overnight presence.

ithetis is the world’s most advanced wirelessly controlled Implantable Drug Delivery Device. ithetis is developed to serve all preclinical and veterinary applications, where implantable micro pumps bring improved performance and treatments.