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Antlia SA is a Swiss healthcare company serving the animal preclinical and veterinary markets. The company is located in the Lake Geneva region, on the campus of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL).

Based on its unique proprietary implantable pump technology, Antlia has developed ithetis, the world’s most advanced and versatile implantable drug delivery pump, to provide researchers and veterinary health care professionals the means to achieve high quality and cost effective animal research.

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Focus on implantable drug delivery technology

Our mission is to serve preclinical research and veterinary applications, where wirelessly controlled drug delivery device technology brings improved performance/treatments.


Our vision is to become World leader in high-end, wirelessly-controlled implantable drug delivery devices for animal applications.

ithetis History

The basis for the development of ithetis was the observation that intelligent and wirelessly controlled Implantable Drug Delivery Devices, so much needed in the preclinical research market, were non-existent. However, injections or simple osmotic implantable drug delivery pumps have not proved useful in many research protocols requiring precise and complex dosing.

Consequently the laboratory of hemodynamics and cardiovascular technology of the EPFL, with long experience in implantable wirelessly controlled devices, engaged in a research and development program to develop the most advanced and versatile micro IDDD in the world.

In 2011, the first product based on ithetis technology is coming to market for preclinical use.

ithetis is the world’s most advanced wirelessly controlled Implantable Drug Delivery Device. ithetis is developed to serve all preclinical and veterinary applications, where implantable micro pumps bring improved performance and treatments.