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    the smallest implantable, wirelessly controlled drug delivery pump in the World

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    your best research companion for improved protocols and results

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    the most versatile Implantable Drug Delivery Device in the World

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    the easiest & most efficient device to manage drug release in animals

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    research for better health

ithetis micro pump

Welcome to ithetis

Welcome to ithetis, the most advanced implantable drug delivery device (IDDD). ithetis is the result of six years of intensive research at the laboratory of hemodynamics and cardiovascular technology of EPFL, one of the top engineering universities in the World.

ithetis brings a new approach to the administration of drugs in animals. Its versatile dosing profile and wireless programming capabilities provide endless possibilities to run the most demanding protocols in a safe, precise and most convenient way. This means that ithetis can help researchers perform high quality innovative research.

We welcome you in the world of ithetis, a world of new research and treatment opportunities. We look forward to be in contact with you and to participate in the success of your research.


Olivier J. Vavasseur

Latest News


European Union grants ithetis™ brand protection

ithetis™ was granted brand protection by the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (Trade Marks and Design) from…


Russia grants ithetis™ brand protection

ithetis™ was granted brand protection by the Federal Service for IP, Patent and Trademarks from the Russian Federation


USA grants patent to ithetis technology

ithetis technology was granted patent protection form the United States Patent and Trademark Office for the USA


China grants ithetis™ brand protection

ithetis™ was granted brand protection by the Trademarks Office from the State Administration of Commerce of the People's R…

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ithetis pump

ithetis is the World’s first high precision, wirelessly controlled, implantable drug delivery device.

  • Implantable from small rodents (mice/rats) to larger animals
  • Wirelessly controlled reprogrammable on the fly
    (during animal experiments)


ithetis is the world’s most advanced wirelessly controlled Implantable Drug Delivery Device. ithetis is developed to serve all preclinical and veterinary applications, where implantable micro pumps bring improved performance and treatments.